Why do we use howlite beads?

The incredibly healing and calming powers of Howlite Beads.

We make several LGBTQ+ products including necklaces and bracelets which use howlite beads and there’s good reason to. Not only are they a naturally occurring material – so no plastics, they look incredible, but they also have healing and calming properties for those who wear howlite.

Howlite, a borate mineral, is renowned for its milky white appearance streaked with dark veins, symbolizing qualities of patience and perspective.

Healing Attributes: Functioning as a calming agent, Howlite pacifies the body, mind, and soul, fostering wisdom, heightening awareness, and fostering clarity of vision.

Protective Qualities: Howlite serves as an adept cleanser of negative energies, absorbing detrimental vibes and facilitating a connection with higher planes of existence. Additionally, it aids in emotional stability and stress alleviation.

Application: Howlite can be utilized as jewellery, strategically placed within living or workspaces to purify the environment and facilitate communication, or discreetly positioned beneath a pillow to encourage peaceful sleep.

Maintenance: To preserve its efficacy, Howlite should undergo cleansing by either rinsing under flowing water or immersing in a bowl of brown rice. Furthermore, it can be recharged through exposure to moonlight.

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