Why do we use howlite beads?

The incredibly healing and calming powers of Howlite Beads.

We make several LGBTQ+ products including necklaces and bracelets which use howlite beads and there’s good reason to. Not only are they a naturally occurring material – so no plastics, they look incredible, but they also have healing and calming properties for those who wear howlite.

Howlite, a borate mineral, is renowned for its milky white appearance streaked with dark veins, symbolizing qualities of patience and perspective.

Healing Attributes: Functioning as a calming agent, Howlite pacifies the body, mind, and soul, fostering wisdom, heightening awareness, and fostering clarity of vision.

Protective Qualities: Howlite serves as an adept cleanser of negative energies, absorbing detrimental vibes and facilitating a connection with higher planes of existence. Additionally, it aids in emotional stability and stress alleviation.

Application: Howlite can be utilized as jewellery, strategically placed within living or workspaces to purify the environment and facilitate communication, or discreetly positioned beneath a pillow to encourage peaceful sleep.

Maintenance: To preserve its efficacy, Howlite should undergo cleansing by either rinsing under flowing water or immersing in a bowl of brown rice. Furthermore, it can be recharged through exposure to moonlight.

9 fab Ideas for perfect asexual gifts

Choosing a present for your asexual family member, friend or loved one might seem to be a tricky task, but we’ve come up with some ideas to help you find perfect asexual gifts for an asexual pal.

  1. Asexuality Pride Merchandise: Show your support with a range of asexuality pride items, such as T-shirts, hoodies, or tote bags featuring the asexual flag or related symbols.
  2. Customized Jewelry: Consider personalized jewellery, like a beaded bracelet, necklace, earrings or even a ring with discreet asexuality pride symbols or ones that use the colours of the asexual flag to wear as a subtle but meaningful accessory.
  3. Books and Literature: Gift a book that explores asexuality or features a protagonist who identifies as asexual. This could include fiction, non-fiction, or educational resources.
  4. Comfortable Clothing: Opt for cosy and comfortable clothing items, like a soft hoodie or pyjamas, with a simple yet stylish design that reflects asexuality pride.
  5. Subscription to Asexuality-Inclusive Media: Provide access to streaming services, like Netflix, NowTV or Paramount that offer a variety of movies and TV shows with asexuality representation to promote inclusivity. Netflix recently introduced an asexual character to its Sex Education show…
  6. Aromantic/Asexual Flag Merchandise: Explore items adorned with the colours of the asexual flags, such as mugs, posters, or phone cases, for a subtle yet affirming touch.
  7. Asexuality Pride Artwork: Commission or purchase artwork that celebrates asexuality, whether it’s a custom piece or a print of existing art that resonates with the individual.
  8. Self-Care and Relaxation Gifts: Pamper them with self-care items like scented candles, manicure sets, bath bombs, or even a gift box for your favourite ace pal.
  9. Asexuality-Inclusive Games or Puzzles: Select games or puzzles that are inclusive and diverse, providing entertainment that reflects and respects different identities, including asexuality.
  10. Personalized Gifts: Create a personalized item, such as a custom mug, with a special message or design that acknowledges and celebrates their asexuality. We’ve also come up with some unique asexual gift ideas.

Remember to consider the individual’s preferences and interests when choosing a gift, and the most important aspect is to show acceptance and understanding of their identity.

Some Asexual Gift Ideas

15 Lesbian Christmas gift ideas for your women-loving friends

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with our guide to Lesbian Christmas Gift Ideas! Unveil the delight and discover considerate gifts that embrace love and togetherness. Whether it’s chic accessories or snug essentials, delve into a selection of perfect presents to bring merriment and radiance to the lesbians in your life. 🌈🎁✨

Here’s our top Lesbian Christmas Gift Ideas

Merry Catmas Mug and Chocolate

Lesbians and their cats… A troupe or the truth? Well, if your lesbian pal loves cats then they’re gonna love this Merry Catmas mug featuring the Lesbian Community flag colours and a Lindt Chocolate Gold Reindeer. We think it’s one of those great Lesbian Christmas Gift Ideas that will delight your pussy loving friends.

Get it here

Coffee Table Books

Kick off your gift-giving extravaganza with a coffee table book that’s a total game-changer. Our curated selection includes must-haves like “The Queer Bible,” “Queer X Design,” and “The Queen’s English.” These titles bring a uniquely queer perspective, perfect for your discerning non-binary, trans, or genderqueer loved ones. Explore our full LGBTQ+ book collection for more fabulous finds. 🌈📚

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Lesbian Christmas Gift Ideas

Handmade Bracelet with Swarovski® element

These bracelets are handmade in the UK by expert jewellery makers and feature world-famous Swarovski crystals for a wonderfully unique gift. It’s one of our favourite Lesbian Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023.

Get it here

Frida Kahlo Jigsaw Puzzle

Frida Kahlo is a lesbian icon and anything of hers makes for Lesbian Christmas Gift Ideas

Piece together artists, artworks and surroundings to bring Frida Kahlo’s world to life in this colourful 1000-piece puzzle. The completed puzzle measures 68 x 48.5cm, and the puzzle image is reprinted on the inside lid with over 20 footnotes, which reveal all the interesting things to discover in the puzzle and the meaning behind them.

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Forever Flower In A Tin

These cross-grain roses are presented as a forever gift in a tin box with a clear lid. The rose is handmade in the UK and uses Lesbian LGBTQ+ colours. It’s a beautiful gift that will last forever.

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Lesbian Flag Mug

Sip your pride with our Lesbian Community Flag Mug! This ceramic masterpiece features the vibrant lesbian flag and boldly declares #Proud in crisp white. Start your day with a cup of confidence and showcase your pride in style. It’s not just a mug; it’s a statement. 🌈☕✨ #ProudLesbian

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Lesbian Colouring Book

Unleash your creativity with our Lesbian Colouring Book! Dive into a world of inclusive and empowering illustrations, celebrating love and diversity. This delightful colouring book is filled with enchanting designs that capture the spirit of the lesbian community. Relax, colour, and let your imagination flourish with every stroke. 🌈🎨✨

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Colouring Pencils

The perfect colouring book companion. The set of 24 artist-quality pencils comes in a sturdy box that converts into a two-tiered pencil stand for easy access and organization; the 10 Bright Ideas pencils each carry a quirky and encouraging phrase printed on the barrel.

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The Lesbian Elf Christmas Jumper

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Pride Gift Box

Select a gift for your lesbian pals from PrideBox.co.uk – a letterbox gifting service for the LGBTQ+ community – starting from £9.99.

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Rainbow Candle

This candle is designed by Anna Cella and is made from 100% organic soy wax and features vibrant colours that make up the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag.

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Trust the Triangle

Fashion faux pas, dating dilemmas, career crises – whatever life throws you, you can count on these cards to tell it like it is, the way a best friend should. Each card has a question on one side. Pick the one that suits your situation – or that piques your curiosity – and then read the words in each corner of the card.

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Lesbian Flag Earrings

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Lesbian Nag Champa Incense Set

This multipack of Incense sticks is perfect for adding some fragrance to your room for relaxation, meditation or just to chill out on a lazy Sunday. This pack contains Celestial Bliss (Dark Red) Pyramids (Red) Positive Vibes (White) Rose (Pink) Reiki (Purple) – the colours of the official lesbian community flag.

This popular Satya Nag Champa brand is made in India.

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Miriam Margoyles

She’s one of the UK’s most famous lesbians and well, one of the UK’s national treasures. This fearless woman shares her life story in only a way that Miriam can!

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10 Christmas present ideas for non-binary people

Hold onto your capes, darlings! We’ve whipped up a sassy and sensational guide to gift ideas for our fabulous non-binary pals. From snazzy accessories to gender-neutral glam, this article is your ticket to gifting greatness. Get ready for a rollercoaster of sass, style, and a whole lot of sparkle! 💫🎁

Here are 10 Christmas present ideas for non-binary people

Coffee Table Books

Firstly let’s get the coffee table book idea out there. It’s an absolute winner and we’ve got some great titles which detail the rich history of the LGBTQ+ community. We love the titles, The Queer Bible, Queer X Design and The Queen’s English. These titles have a particular queer sensibility for your most discerning non-binary, trans or genderqueer friend or family member. See all our LGBTQ+ books.

Five-year journal

As people grow and learn more about themselves and their identity it can be a great idea to journal their thoughts and journey. However as we know time can be a precious commodity, this One Line A Day (five years) diary is a brilliant way to keep all your thoughts in one place. Diaries and journals are always very thoughtful Christmas present ideas for non-binary people.

Drag Match

Pair up the queens and kings with their out-of-drag looks in this fabulous new card game, called Drag Match. It is much harder than you think, as the transformation is so complete. 50 cards depict stunning before and after photos of the glamorous drag transformation, and texts by Greg Bailey of Alright Darling are included in the accompanying booklet to give an insight into the incredible character creations and the people behind the make-up. Play as a memory game with the cards face down for an added level of difficulty. We have a great range of other LGBTQ+ games and puzzles check them out here.

Handmade cluster/charm non-binary earrings make perfect Christmas presents ideas for non-binary people

These gorgeous handmade non-binary flag-inspired charm/cluster earrings are handmade in the UK. They are finished with silver-plated fish hookbacks and a pair of rubber stoppers. They are perfect as a non-binary gift idea or a treat for yourself. They also come in transgender, gender fluid and rainbow colours.

Huge cracking hand fan

Introducing our BIG and BOLD Huge Non-Binary Pride Cracking Fan, measuring an impressive 33cm x 66cm! Prepare to make a monumental statement and stay cool in the most eye-catching way possible.

With its impressive size and cracking mechanism, this Huge Non-Binary Pride Fan is designed to demand attention and ignite conversations. With a simple flick of your wrist, it unfurls into a magnificent display of vibrant colours, proudly showcasing the significance and beauty of the Non-Binary Pride flag. YASSSS QUEEN.

Non-Binary AF mug

Say it how it is with this Non-Binary AF Mug. This mug is designed to let those around you that you’re non-binary AF. No more, no less.

Pronoun Badge

The perfect way to stop or at the very least deter misgendering. We have a range of they/them pronoun badges for sale and they make a perfect stocking filler for your non-binary friends.

Ribbon Flower in a tin

This is an exclusive gift idea from The Pride Shop. These forever flowers made from ribbon are presented in a tin box and we have the progress flag, gender fluid and genderqueer flags in stock. They are handmade and are a brilliant way of saying to someone, I see you, I respect you and I love you.

Non Binary Bracelets

We have a selection of Non-Binary bracelets which feature the non-binary flag. These are great stocking fillers and the perfect way to show your non-binary friends and family that you care.

Gift card

Can’t decide what to gift? Why not try a Pride Shop gift card and let your friend or family member decide for themselves? Once at our shop, they’re sure to find perfect Christmas present ideas for non-binary people We have physical cards that can be sent out!

Want some ideas for Christmas gifts to buy for gay men Check out this article from THEGAYUK