10 Christmas present ideas for non-binary people

Hold onto your capes, darlings! We’ve whipped up a sassy and sensational guide to gift ideas for our fabulous non-binary pals. From snazzy accessories to gender-neutral glam, this article is your ticket to gifting greatness. Get ready for a rollercoaster of sass, style, and a whole lot of sparkle! 💫🎁

Here are 10 Christmas present ideas for non-binary people

Coffee Table Books

Firstly let’s get the coffee table book idea out there. It’s an absolute winner and we’ve got some great titles which detail the rich history of the LGBTQ+ community. We love the titles, The Queer Bible, Queer X Design and The Queen’s English. These titles have a particular queer sensibility for your most discerning non-binary, trans or genderqueer friend or family member. See all our LGBTQ+ books.

Five-year journal

As people grow and learn more about themselves and their identity it can be a great idea to journal their thoughts and journey. However as we know time can be a precious commodity, this One Line A Day (five years) diary is a brilliant way to keep all your thoughts in one place. Diaries and journals are always very thoughtful Christmas present ideas for non-binary people.

Drag Match

Pair up the queens and kings with their out-of-drag looks in this fabulous new card game, called Drag Match. It is much harder than you think, as the transformation is so complete. 50 cards depict stunning before and after photos of the glamorous drag transformation, and texts by Greg Bailey of Alright Darling are included in the accompanying booklet to give an insight into the incredible character creations and the people behind the make-up. Play as a memory game with the cards face down for an added level of difficulty. We have a great range of other LGBTQ+ games and puzzles check them out here.

Handmade cluster/charm non-binary earrings make perfect Christmas presents ideas for non-binary people

These gorgeous handmade non-binary flag-inspired charm/cluster earrings are handmade in the UK. They are finished with silver-plated fish hookbacks and a pair of rubber stoppers. They are perfect as a non-binary gift idea or a treat for yourself. They also come in transgender, gender fluid and rainbow colours.

Huge cracking hand fan

Introducing our BIG and BOLD Huge Non-Binary Pride Cracking Fan, measuring an impressive 33cm x 66cm! Prepare to make a monumental statement and stay cool in the most eye-catching way possible.

With its impressive size and cracking mechanism, this Huge Non-Binary Pride Fan is designed to demand attention and ignite conversations. With a simple flick of your wrist, it unfurls into a magnificent display of vibrant colours, proudly showcasing the significance and beauty of the Non-Binary Pride flag. YASSSS QUEEN.

Non-Binary AF mug

Say it how it is with this Non-Binary AF Mug. This mug is designed to let those around you that you’re non-binary AF. No more, no less.

Pronoun Badge

The perfect way to stop or at the very least deter misgendering. We have a range of they/them pronoun badges for sale and they make a perfect stocking filler for your non-binary friends.

Ribbon Flower in a tin

This is an exclusive gift idea from The Pride Shop. These forever flowers made from ribbon are presented in a tin box and we have the progress flag, gender fluid and genderqueer flags in stock. They are handmade and are a brilliant way of saying to someone, I see you, I respect you and I love you.

Non Binary Bracelets

We have a selection of Non-Binary bracelets which feature the non-binary flag. These are great stocking fillers and the perfect way to show your non-binary friends and family that you care.

Gift card

Can’t decide what to gift? Why not try a Pride Shop gift card and let your friend or family member decide for themselves? Once at our shop, they’re sure to find perfect Christmas present ideas for non-binary people We have physical cards that can be sent out!

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