when is LGBTQ history month

When is LGBTQ History Month in 2021?

Here’s the thing… depending where you are in the world there’s one in October and there’s one in February.

In the US and other countries LGBTQ History month is observed for the month of October, where as in the UK it is observed in February. So in the UK, LGBTQ History has already taken place – and the next one will be in February 2022.

When is LGBTQ History Month?
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So why the difference between the UK and the US for LGBTQ History Month?

Well, in the UK, February was chosen for LGBT+ history month to mark the ending of the painful Conservative law, Section 28 in 2005, when Tony Blair’s Labour party abolished the ruling. LGBT History month has run every year since then.

LGBT History month in the US actually began over a decade earlier in 1994. It was founded by a high-school history teacher Rodney Wilson in Missouri. At the time Wilson was the first openly gay teacher in the state. He was also responsible for choosing the October date.

October was chosen because the first and second LGBT Marches on Washington, the US, were held in 1979 and 1987. October also contains National Coming Out Day. When it was first launched the awareness month was actually called the Lesbian and Gay History Month. After a while, “bisexual”l was added to the title.

Over time the month has become known as LGBTQ History Month to be more inclusive of those who identify as transgender and queer/questioning.

Where else in the world celebrates LGBTQ History month?

LGBTQ History month is celebrated all over the world. Including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greenland, Hungary and in Berlin (Germany). Most of these are observed in October along with the US / North America.

Hungary’s history month coincides the UK dates.

You can find out more about LGBT+ History Month in the UK via their website. To find out more about the US history month visit their website.

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