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Category: LGBT Dates

Here are all the important remembrance and celebration dates for the LGBT+ Calendar.

castell coch castle in cardiff wales

When is Cardiff Pride in 2022?

This blockbuster of a pride returns in 2022 to Wales, but when exactly is Cardiff Pride / Pride Cymru? The team at Cardiff Pride have announced that once again Pride will return to Cardiff for 2022 and the date has been set for 27-28 August 2022. It will take place at the City Hall Lawns
when is LGBTQ history month

When is LGBTQ History Month in 2021?

Here’s the thing… depending where you are in the world there’s one in October and there’s one in February. In the US and other countries LGBTQ History month is observed for the month of October, where as in the UK it is observed in February. So in the UK, LGBTQ History has already taken place
white and multicolored love is love banner

PRIDE 2021 | UK Pride Calendar 2021

Welcome to the ultimate Pride Calendar 2021 list for the UK. Did you know there are over 120 prides in the UK? Every city and almost every town in the United Kingdom has a pride event – some even have two or three. Here are all the pride dates in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern

When is International Lesbian Day in 2021?

International Lesbian Day happens in October. Here’s when and why it happens. International Lesbian Day is an annual day to celebrate and bring visibility to lesbians in the LGBT+ community, it has been going since the 1990s. There is also the Lesbian Visibility Day, which has been observed since 2008. In 2021 International Lesbian Day

When is Bisexual Awareness week in 2021?

This is when bisexual awareness week is celebrated in 2021 The Bisexual Awareness week, also known as Bi Week is an important part of the LGBT+ calendar and it takes place at the end of September, although there is also Bisexual Awareness month, which takes place in March. The week surrounding the “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”
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