When is the first pride of April?

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Excitement is building for Pride 2024, with over 180 pride events listed for the UK in 2024 we look ahead to the different Pride events that are happening in April 2024.

Although April isn’t when the first pride of the year took place, it’s definitely when Pride events start kicking off for the year. The busiest month for events is, of course, June, which is the official Pride Month in the UK.

Which Prides are happening in April?

Currently, there are three pride events planned for Pride in April 2024 and they include, Falmouth, Banchory and Stonehaven.

More Prides in the UK than ever

According to THEGAYUK’s editor and chief, Jake Hook “Pride 2024 looks to be the best on record with more pride events being added to the calendar all the time. There’s truly an event near every LGBTQ+ person in the UK. It’s wonderful to see so many community members banding together, working with local businesses and council to create new events – like Skegness for instance!”

Both Banchory and Stonehaven are in Scotland, while Falmouth Pride is in Cornwall.

Pride calendar and dates 2024

You can find the UK’s official list of pride events right here on THE PRIDE SHOP.

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