When is International Non-Binary Day in 2021?

International Non-Binary Day is an annual day to celebrate and bring visibility to people who are non-binary in the LGBT+ community. It is a relatively new awareness day in the LGBT+ calendar.

In 2021 International Non-Binary Day takes place on the 14th July 2021 and is observed all over the world.

The International Non-Binary day was first celebrated in 2012. It takes place on this day because it is, precisely midpoint from International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day.

What are the colours of the Non-Binary flag?

What are the colours of the Non-Binary flag?

The Non-Binary flag consists of 4 colours in horizontal stripes. Yellow, White Purple and Black.

Can you buy non-binary jewellery or gifts?

Yes, there are many stores which have gifts which have the non-binary colours assigned to them. Check out the amazing non-binary gift and jewellery range from our partner site, The Pride Shop.

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