What does Abrosexual mean

What does Abrosexual mean? Who can be one?

The LGBT+ community is made up of many different identities, some of the gender-related, some of them are sexuality-based, some of them intersect, Abrosexual is a sexuality based on the sexuality spectrum, here’s what it means and who usually identifies as Abrosexual.

Abrosexual or sometimes shortened to Abrosexual is a person whose sexual identity is fluid or ever-changing. An abrosexual is someone who can change from the various states of sexuality from homosexual to bisexual to even asexuality.

People who identify with this sexuality can be of any, either cis (cisgender) or trans or of no gender ID at all.

Can sexuality change for someone over time?

For some people who identify as abrosexual, their sexual preference changes might be erratic or change daily. For some, sexual preferences may be a slower more fluid change, which can drift in line with the people that they interact with. An abrosexual’s sexuality may change over a lifetime – for instance, someone who identifies as heterosexual when they are younger, but their sexuality changes to bisexual or even gay over the years.

An Abosexual’s sexuality changes can be subtle, like changing from pansexual to omnisexual or even drastic, changing from asexual to pansexual.

What is the flag for the Abrosexual community?

There are a few flags for the abrosexual community, however, the most common is a five colour flag which starts with a green horizontal stripe and ends with a pinky/red horizontal stripe.

It was first discovered in July 2015, although this flag has not been credited to anyone in particular. The five colours used in the flag are:

Dark Green

Pale Green


Baby Pink

Rich Pink

What are the colours of the abrosexual flag?

Where did the term Abrosexual come from?

The prefix abro- is derived either from the Ancient Greek word ἁβρός (habrós) or its Modern Greek descendant αβρός (avrós), meaning “delicate” or “graceful”.

Are there any Abrosexual gifts or products available to buy?

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