What are the colours of the genderfluid flag?

What are the colours of the Genderfluid flag?

The Genderfluid flag is a relatively new flag to join the LGBT+ community of flags having been first introduced in August of 2012 by an artist called, JJ Poole, via the Genderfluidity blog on Tumblr.

Speaking about the design, JJ wrote,

“So I couldn’t find a flag that represented gender-fluidity, so since I was working on other projects for most other gender identities and sexual orientations for my store, I figured i would make one. I was hoping to get some opinions, and if its a good one, for it to get around. I’m trying, and its just an idea so don’t judge me too hard”

The flag itself contains five horizontal stripes and are:

Pink, Blue, Purple, Black and White.

What do the colours of the Genderfluid flag represent?

Each of the colours represent a gender feature and they are

PINK to represent femininity

BLUE to represent masculinity

PURPLE to represent both femininity and masculinity

BLACK to represent lack of gender

WHITE to represent all genders

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