he Big LGBT+ Calendar: Awareness, visibility and remembrance days

The Big LGBT+ Calendar: Awareness, visibility and remembrance days in 2021

There are quite a few key dates for the LGBT+ community with more being added regularly. The key months to look out for are LGBT History Month in Feb (October in the US) and Pride Month which is in June.

Here are the key dates for LGBT+ awareness, visibility, remembrance and celebration days nationally and internationally. If you’d like to check out the UK Pride Calendar 2021, with all the current confirmations and cancellations of prides around the UK, click here.


LGBT+ History Month (UK)

17th February A-romantic Spectrum Awareness Week


Bisexual Health Awareness Month

1st March Zero Discrimination Day

31st March International Transgender Day Of Visibility


26th April International Lesbian Visibility Day Advertisements


8th May Asexual Visibility Day

17th May International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

22nd May Harvey Milk Day

24th May Pansexual Visibility Day


Pride Month

12th June Pulse Remembrance Day

28th June Stonewall Riots Anniversary


6th July Omnisexual Visibility Day

14th July International Non-Binary Day

16th July International Drag Day


14th August Gay Uncle Day


23rd September Bisexual Visibility Day


LGBT History Month (USA and Canada)

8th October International Lesbian Day

11th October National Coming Out Day

20th October International Pronoun Day

21st October Spirit Day

26th October Intersex Awareness Day


7th November Transgender Parent Day Advertisements

8th November Intersex Day Of Remembrance

20th November Transgender Day Of Remembrance


1st December World AIDS Day

8th December Pansexual Pride Day

10th December Human Rights Day

Are we missing any, do let us know in the comments and we’ll update the page!

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