What colours are in the Non Binary flag?

What colours are used in the Non-Binary Flag?

The Non-Binary flag was first introduced in 2014. It is one of the newest flags for an identity which is becoming more and more mainstream.

The Non-Binary flag has four colours and they are arranged in horizontal stripes. Yellow is always at the top, followed by white, then by purple and ends in Black.

The flag was designed by a 17-year-old called Kye Rowan. It was unveiled in Febrary 2014. It was in response to a call from the Non-Binary community for a design that was different to other gender-non-conforming flags, such as the genderqueer or gender fluid flags, which many in the NB community felt didin’t represent them.

What colours are in the non-binary flag?

The four colours, according to Rowan each represent people within the Non-Binary Community.

YELLOW: For those people whose gender falls outside of the binary. That is someone who doesn’t fit in the societal norms of Male or Female, Man or Woman.

WHITE: For those people who have many or all the gender identities.

PURPLE: For those people who feel their gender is a mix of female and male. Purple is a mix of Blue and Red, more traditional gendered colours.

BLACK: For those who feel they are without a gender ID.

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