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The Pride Fund

Welcome to The Pride Fund.


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Pride has never been so important. We exist to ensure that Prides across the UK have the opportunity to develop, grow and continue to serve the LGBT+ community.

The Pride Fund is a non-profit, volunteer-led sub-organisation of The Pride Shop aiming to make prides across the UK, sustainable for future generations.

About The Pride Fund

The Pride Fund Mission

The purpose of the Pride Fund is to support the development of Prides in the UK, by offering grants to facilitate their growth, outreach and longevity. 

To do this The Pride Fund will:

  • Offer grants from an emergency fund to enable events to continue, where there’s the possibility they may be cancelled due to lack of funds.
  • Offer grants to help Prides create outreach programmes and special projects, beyond their annual event.
  • Act an intermediary for business and corporate bodies to Prides across the UK.
  • Work towards an outcome where Pride assets, such as the Rainbow and other community flags are protected from profiteering, by offering a Rainbow Fund Pot and inviting corporate bodies and businesses who wish to show their LGBT+ support to purchase a license
  • Create LGBT+ safe spaces across the UK on the highstreet.

The community that The Pride Fund aims to benefit.

In the first instance, The Pride Fund will look to help Pride organisers financially manage their events in the UK with a view that by helping Pride organisers, the whole LGBT+ community can benefit from well financed, organised and prepared Pride events. 

How will we achieve this?


Raise money through retail and corporate partnerships and licensing of Pride Fund merchandise and name as well as associated Pride assets and distribute it through a grants system to prides around the UK. 

The emergency grants will help maintain the growth and sustainability of Pride events throughout the UK. It will raise money through the licensing of its name to products, services, events or other activity that fits with the ethics and ethos of the Pride movement. We will also look to ask and encourage UK businesses and corporate entities that use the Rainbow or other Pride wording to donate via a non-legal binding license.

Offer Outreach Grants and Pride development resources

Outreach is an important element of sustainability for Pride events. Grants will be made available for Pride organisers to run year-round events, meetings and groups. 

Act as a liaison between businesses and Prides in the UK.

There are no official liaisons in the UK that can facilitate relationships between businesses, retailers and corporate bodies and Pride events. Helping to foster these relationships will help Pride events become more visible in the corporate world.

Pride Education: Help non-LGBT+ bodies understand the story and power of Pride and why it is necessary to still have pride, in the UK in the 21st Century.

Educating non-LGBT+ bodies will help the understanding of the politics of Pride and the LGBT+ community. This will help the LGBT+ community feel comfortable using retail, corporate and business spaces without fear of judgement. It will also help retail, corporate and employees of business feel confident in working with, serving or interacting with LGBT+ people. 

We will also seek to help retailers, corporations and third parties on how to interact with members of the LGBT+ community.

If the company makes a surplus, this money will be used to reinvest in further outreach projects with a view to making The Pride Fund a global venture helping Prides around the world develop. (including supporting those countries where LGBT rights are lacking).

Make a Donation

Be part of the movement. Help pride exist for years to come.

You can either donate via our crowd funder via donorbox – or buy something from our retailer partner, The Pride Shop. All products from The Pride Shop include a donation to the fund.

Whatever you can give is gratefully received.


Are you passionate about Pride and the continual growth and visibility of the LGBT+ community?

Here’s how you or your organisation can collaborate with us

  • Sponsor a Pride Fund initiative
  • Sponsor your local pride
  • Volunteer to help us grow

In return, we can help you

  • Expand and grow your inclusivity credentials.
  • Drive sales through brand association with The Pride Fund.
  • Be a valuable resource on LGBT+ matters, representation and increasing inclusion and diversity on your team.

Get in contact

We’d love to work with you on projects and our team is always excited to hear about how we can engage with your business or venture. Why not send us a message via our contact page to get a relationship started.

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