Gift Cards

Welcome to THEPRIDESHOP Gift cards

Our gift cards are the perfect way to share pride with your friends, family, loved ones and co-workers. They can be used online at

To check your balance, please click here to visit the customer hub and open a ticket. Please have your card’s code ready.

We’ve added some FAQ below

I received a gift card from you via my email, what should I do?

You can use the code on the gift card to get money off an order from our shop. Simply add the code to the coupon area at the checkout. The balance of your card will be used to complete your purchase. If you have more credit than the purchase cost, your card’s balance will remain loaded with the unused balance until you next use the card.

Can I trade my card in for cash?

No, unfortunately, gift cards cannot be returned or refunded.

How much money can I put on my gift card?

Your gift card can be loaded from just £5 up to £1000.

What happens if my code is lost?

Please keep your code safe. You may be able to get your code from your original sender who will have received an email from us initially. We are unable to provide codes, once they have been sent to the original purchaser.

How do I check my gift card’s balance?

Please open up our customer hub and open a ticket. We will reply as soon as we can.

Is there an expiry date on my gift card?

Our gift cards come with a 48-month lifetime. This is printed on your PDF. However, this can be extended by an additional 6 months if you email our customer hub at any time during the active lifetime of the card.

What if I need a refund on an item I bought with my gift card

Any refunds will be issued back to the original gift card.

I received a Whoops! message, what does this mean?

We sent you a gift card as an apology for not having your item(s) in stock. You can spend this gift card on our website for anything you’d like. The card lasts for 360 days. General terms and conditions apply to the use of this card.